How Private is Your Facebook Account?

Lately has been all over the news (again) for the changes it’s made to the privacy settings on individual accounts.  Did you realize, that the default privacy settings on your individual Facebook account, aren’t actually very private?  That means that unless you have gone in and changed your settings, you are probably “over-sharing”.

There’s lots of talk on the web about people leaving Facebook over the privacy changes, but don’t kid yourself, Facebook isn’t going anywhere for now.  The reason Facebook is so popular is because it is changing the way information is shared on the web.  It’s competitors would love to see it back down right now.

Personally, I don’t care that Facebook shares a little information about me with other sites like and  I use these sites all the time, and this information allows those sites to offer me a more personalized experience, and I like that.

However, I don’t want all of my personal photos visible to the world, so I’ve changed my settings so that only “Friends” can view my photos (except of course my profile photo).

This is great tutorial from that I went through: How To Put Facebook On A Privacy Lockdown