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We work exclusively in WordPress, and all our sites are responsive (mobile-friendly). We can also work with you to improve the ADA accessibility (WCAG 2.1) of your website.

Custom WordPress Websites

We build most of our themes from the ground up and love creating custom sites for our clients. We’ll meet with you and create a series of mock-ups of your site design. From there, we’ll build your website.

We can generally build anything on the WordPress platform, so if you have a very specific design in mind, we can create it for you. The nice thing about a custom theme is that it’s really fast and easy for us to build on in the future, so on-going maintenance will cost you less over time.

Stock WordPress Websites

If you are on a budget we can look at stock WordPress themes. There are a number of themes we like that are fairly quick to set up. While fast to set up, stock themes are not always quick to change, so if you have very specific design ideas, a stock theme is not for you. But, if you need a professional site, and you’re very flexible, you can save some money by choosing a stock theme.

A stock theme can also be a good place to start if you need something up right away, and you haven’t started making money from your new business. It’s easy to re-theme a stock site down the road with a custom design, so you can still end up with exactly what you want in the long run.

WordPress Shopping Carts

We like WooCommerce, and build all of our carts using this plug-in. It’s very customizable and offers enough extensions and add-ons to make it flexible. If you have an existing customer base, a lot of products, and complicated shipping, this is the way to go.

Sometimes you don’t need a shopping cart to sell your products or services online. Depending on what you need, there are simpler options using custom forms and almost-free credit card processing.

WordPress Re-Theme

If you are happy with the content on your site but want a different look, we can either re-theme your site with a stock theme or create a custom theme for you.

Your theme exists separately from your content, so re-themes don’t affect the work you’ve done setting up all of your pages. The things that do change are often your photo galleries, home page sliders, and sidebar widgets.

Convert Site to WordPress

Are you happy with your site, but frustrated that you can’t maintain it yourself?

It’s often fairly quick to take an existing website and convert it “as is” to WordPress. Minor things will change, usually for the better, and all decisions will be made with ease-of-maintenance in mind.

Once your site has been converted we’ll schedule a couple of training sessions to show you how to edit your content and manage your website.

Fix a Broken WordPress Site

Already have a WordPress website, but nothing is working for you?

We can do an overhaul and clean up all of the problem areas. We can also teach you how to add/edit your content so it works with your theme.

Rates & Pricing


Every project is different and it’s hard to give any sort of fixed price. Generally, we can’t do much under $2,000, so the simplest projects start there, and go up. Most business websites fall in the $3,000 – $6,000 range. More complicated projects, including shopping carts and membership sites, fall in the $5,000 – $10,000 range. Only a handful of our projects go over $10,000.


As far as hourly consulting, it’s difficult to accomplish anything in a few hours. In order to take on a new client, we ask for a commitment of 10 hours, billed upfront. This helps us keep a manageable number of clients so we can do a good job supporting everyone.

Our hourly rate is currently $120/hour ($100/hour for non-profits).
We have been working in WordPress for a long time and can do a lot in an hour.

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If you think your project would be a good fit, get in touch with us and we can give you an estimate.

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