Our Story


We are a husband and wife web design team, and we love what we do. We met in Truckee, but after our first daughter was born, we moved to Nevada City, Dave’s hometown. We always thought it was funny that we left the snow, only to move onto Winter Street in downtown Nevada City.

We had never planned on going into business together, but can’t imagine anything else now. Winter Street Design evolved as we started a family and tried to figure out how we were going to balance our work and our time with our children.

What We Do

Our skills are a blend of design and function. Carol handles all the initial planning, design and overall marketing direction of any website. She also loves working on content, editing text, adding photos, styling landing pages, and making sure everything looks good. Dave handles everything technical, setting up Wordpress, building custom themes from design mock ups, installing plugins and making sure everything functions as it should. All work is done in-house, and you’ll always work directly with the two of us.

What We Love

If it’s winter, and a powder day, you’ll have a hard time catching Dave at his desk. In the summer, Carol will have planned some sort of travel adventure, claiming that we only have so many more summers before the girls are out of the house.

We have two teenage girls who adore ice cream, dogs, rats, reading, dancing, swimming, art and photography. They’re always up for an adventurous vacation, but would be just as happy lounging around the house or walking around downtown Nevada City.

Faye is currently obsessed with photography, and spends most of her free time taking photos of newborns, children, and families. She works with Photoshop, Lightroom, and manages her own website in WordPress. She often works for our clients taking photos, writing blog posts, and helping with social media.

You’ll usually find Eve curled up on the couch with her nose in a book. When she’s not reading, she is dancing, or designing something. She sketches everything she can, loves to build things, and deeply appreciates anything with beautiful design.