Our Story


We are a husband and wife web design team, and we love what we do. We met in Truckee, but after our first daughter was born, we moved to Nevada City, Dave’s hometown. We always thought it was funny that we left the snow, only to move onto Winter Street in downtown Nevada City.

We had never planned on going into business together, but can’t imagine anything else now. Winter Street Design evolved as we started a family and tried to figure out how we were going to balance our work and our time with our children.

What We Do

Our skills are a blend of design and function. Carol handles all the initial planning, design and overall marketing direction of any website. She also loves working on content, editing text, adding photos, creating graphics, and making sure everything looks good. Dave handles everything technical, setting up Wordpress, building custom themes from design mockups, installing plugins and making sure everything functions as it should. All work is done in-house, and you’ll always work directly with the two of us.

What We Love

If it’s winter, and a powder day, you’ll have a hard time catching Dave at his desk. Snowboarding season blends conveniently into golf season. If he’s not in the house, he’s either in the shed looking at his golf clubs, or he’s on the golf course. And don’t forget about mountain biking. It’s a good thing Carol doesn’t mind being home alone.

In the summer, Carol (normally) will have planned some sort of travel adventure, claiming that we only have so many more summers before the girls will be too busy to travel. Now she just dreams of traveling and spends lots of time bullet journaling and organizing years of family photos.

Faye is currently at Seattle University where she is majoring in Spanish, and double minoring in Psychology and Ethics. She was supposed to be studying abroad in Granada, Spain, but now is studying remotely in her room. She doesn’t seem to mind, as she is no longer quarantined at home with her parents and couldn’t be happier to be back in Seattle with her friends. Her days are filled with studying, tutoring kids in Spanish, working for the student newspaper, and spending many hours in her apartment with her roommates. Up next: Graduating in 2022 and finding a job.

Eve is currently in Texas. A classic case of one door closing and another door opening. She had signed up for a Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive in San Francisco and then Covid happened. She had the choice to do the intensive virtually, in her bedroom, or switch to the Texas program. She chose Texas. While she was there she auditioned for their year-round program and decided to move there for her senior year. Up next: University of the Arts in Philadelphia (Dance BFA).

Lately, Dave and I have been playing golf together, a sure sign that the kids are getting bigger and we have way too much time on our hands.