Winter is sort of our thing.

We are a husband and wife web design team, and we love what we do. We met in Truckee, but shortly after our first daughter was born, we moved to Nevada City, Dave’s hometown. We always thought it was funny that we left the snow, only to move onto Winter Street in downtown Nevada City.

We had never planned on going into business together, but can’t imagine anything else now. Winter Street Design evolved as we started a family and tried to figure out how we were going to balance our work and our time with our children.

Our skills are a blend of design and function.

Carol handles all the initial planning, design, and overall marketing direction of any website. She loves working on content, editing text, adding photos, creating graphics, and making sure everything looks good.

Dave handles everything technical — setting up WordPress, building custom themes, installing plugins, site security, and making sure everything functions as it should.

All work is done in-house, and you’ll always work directly with the two of us.

Family. Why we do what we do.

If it’s winter, and a powder day, you’ll have a hard time catching Dave at his desk. Snowboarding season overlaps with golf season. If he’s not in the house, he’s either in the shed looking at his golf clubs, or he’s on the golf course. And don’t forget about mountain biking. It’s a good thing Carol doesn’t mind being home alone.

Carol is always planning some sort of travel adventure. Some of these happen, though most don’t, now that it’s getting harder and harder to get the family together. Now she just dreams of traveling and spends lots of time bullet journaling and organizing years of family photos.

Faye just graduated from Seattle University, with a major in Spanish, and double minors in Psychology and Ethics. She was supposed to study abroad in Spain in her junior year but as a result of Covid, ended up studying remotely in her room. With the change in plans, came a change of heart. Up next: The University of Washington, School of Law

Eve is currently in Texas. A classic case of one door closing and another door opening. In high school, she was dancing almost four hours every day. Then Covid happened, and she had the choice of spending her senior year in her bedroom or moving to Texas and dancing full time. She chose Texas. Up next: Dallas College, Visual Arts

Our core values.

Meet All Deadlines

Set up a schedule that is realistic and leaves room for both sides to enjoy the creative process. Then stick with the timeline.

Stay Flexible

Technology is constantly changing, and it seems impossible to keep up.  Change can be scary, but we do our best to remain open and always look to the future.

Be Responsive

It’s tricky juggling multiple projects and deadlines, but we will always reply to your emails and phone calls within a few days. If you ever have an emergency or pressing deadline, you will have our full attention.

Give Value

We don’t throw our money around, and we don’t expect you to. We are not the cheapest web designers in town, but we aren’t the most expensive either. We aim to deliver a good product at a fair price.

Let Go of Perfect

We love the saying, “perfect is boring.” We strive to be fair and consistent, and our work is very important to us.  However, we are human, and we do make mistakes.  We will always try to make things right.

Strive For Peace

We aren’t the kind of people who thrive on conflict. In fact, we hate it. We will always look for a peaceful solution that is fair to everyone.

Take No Hostages

If you are ever unhappy with our work, or simply want to go another direction, we will gracefully hand over anything we’ve ever created for you.  We also won’t hold it against you, and if you ever change your mind, you can still call us.

But don’t take it from us. It’s a small town, and you probably know some of our clients.