Claiming your Google Map Listing

If you haven’t done it yet, search for your business in Google Maps, and then follow the steps to “claim your business.”

1). Go to and click on “Maps” in the top left.

2). Search for your business, for example, Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, Nevada City, Ca.  Then, click on your listings.

3). In your listing, you’ll see a link for “Edit.”  Click “Edit”, and then you’ll see a link for “Are you the owner?  Claim your business.”  Click this link.

4). When you click “Edit” you will be prompted to sign in to your Google Local Business Center Account.  If you don’t already have a Google account, set one up now (not to be confused with a gmail account, your Google account can be set up using your existing email address).

5). Once you’ve logged in you’ll have the option to “Edit my business information.”  Then click “Continue” below “Validating your listing.”  To validate your listing, Google will call the listed phone number for your business (right away) with an authorization code.  Write down the code, and then enter it into the box in the Google Local Business Center screen.  If you aren’t able to answer the phone right away, select the mail option, and the code will be mailed to you instead.

6).  Once you’ve claimed your listing you can add photos, hours of operation, your web address, and services.

7). Finally, embed your Google maps listing on the Contact page of your website by clicking the “Link” option in the top right of your Google map listing.  Then, below that, select “Customize and preview embedded map.”

6). Select the size map you want (I usually choose medium), choose map or satellite view, and then zoom in or out until you like the look of your map.

7).  Copy the code and either paste it into the code on your website, or send it in a text document (not word, or it will add extra characters, choose Notepad or TextEdit) to your web designer.