Setting up a Facebook Page for Your Business

Are you a facebook user?  If so, it’s really easy to create a page for your business. While this page isn’t tied in anyway to your personal page, you will administer it with your existing individual facebook account.

Don’t panic… it isn’t tied in anyway to your personal page, it’s simply being created and administered by you.  Once you’ve created the page you can add multiple page administrators, so many people in your organization can add photos and update the status or your page.  Status will always appear to be posted by the business, not by any of the individual page administrator.

To set up your page go to:

Once you’ve created the page, add it to your website by getting a facebook widget here:

Then, paste the code into your web page, or copy it into a text document (not word, or it will add extra characters, use NotePad or TextEdit instead) and send it to your web designer.